The Dangerously Fit Academy
is REPS  & CIMSPA Accredited…

…Giving You All the Qualifications You Need
to Become a Worldwide Certified Personal Trainer!

Personalised Learningpersonal trainer course Torrance

The Dangerously Fit Academy is committed to producing the very best personal trainers in the fitness industry. Our goal is to deliver Torrance personal training courses that goes above and beyond the certificate 3 and certificate 4 fitness education industry norm.

Unlike other Torrance fitness instructor certification providers that mass produce fitness trainers on a production line, we only enrol small groups of students into our courses to ensure you receive the highest level of coaching and support.

You will also be offered a chance to train members of the public at our training campus under the guidance of an The Dangerously Fit Academy tutor so you can gain real life experience and confidence.

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Guaranteed Support

During your time with The Dangerously Fit Academy, the amount of support and coaching you’ll receive will be unrivalled by any other Torrance personal training certification. Your The Dangerously Fit Academy tutor will be with you every step of the way to coach you and answer any questions you have whilst on your journey to becoming a first class Torrance personal trainer.

Become A Personal Trainer in Torrance With Confidencefitness instructor qualification

Applying the skills and knowledge you have learnt during your time at The Dangerously Fit Academy, you’ll have the confidence and experience to begin training clients immediately after you graduate. Check out our testimonials and see what past students have to say about their time with The Dangerously Fit Academy.

World Class Training Campus

Our training facility provides the perfect learning environment. Unlike most other Torrance campuses that pack you into small overcrowded dorms, The Dangerously Fit Academy offer you your own room conveniently located in the same building as the training facility and classroom.

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Fantastic Warm Weather Year RoundTorrance

In Torrance the weather can be very unpredictable. Our training campus is based in the coastal town of Denia – Southern Spain.

So you’ll be able to hone your outdoor fitness skills on Spain’s famous Mediterranean beaches. And with plenty of spare time after class and on weekends, you’ll have lots of time to relax and enjoy the fine Spanish food, amazing golden beaches and buzzing nightlife.

Learn From Successful PT's

If you want to be a successful Torrance personal trainer then you need to learn from successful mentors that are ‘in the field’, training clients and running successful fitness businesses. Not from a school teacher in a classroom reading from a book that has no real life experience. personal training certification Torrance

You can be safe in the knowledge that the information taught at The Dangerously Fit Academy is the latest and most cutting edge in the fitness industry and has been used by us, training thousands of personal training clients.

The Online PT Business Supremacy Business Course

Unfortunately most Torrance personal trainer certification providers do not offer streetsmart business skills when completing your CIMSPA accredited Torrance fitness instructor qualification. Upon graduating at The Dangerously Fit Academy you’ll be automatically enrolled into our PT Business Supremacy course where you’ll be taught our business systems and marketing funnels that have been tried and tested in the ‘real world’ successfully!

Follow Your Passion and Do Something You Love, Check out our Torrance Personal Training Courses and Become a Certified Personal Trainer TODAY!

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