Dangerously Fit Steel Clubbell Alsunga – Indian Power club

Dangerously Fit Steel Clubbells Have A Matte Powder Coat Finish To Improve Gripping & Avoid Chipping, Are Cast From A Machined Piece Of Steel, Have A Longer Handle To Increase The Leverage AND… Sport A Stylish Traditional Indian Power Club Design

steel clubbells Dangerously Fit's high quality Alsunga Steel Clubs are forged from 100% solid steel and build unparalleled shoulder strength and grip strength.

Plus… the versatility of the Steel Clubbell are perfect for performing fun full body flows that will challenge every muscle in your body.

Unlike regular strength training which is mostly linear by nature, Steel Clubbells harness the special ability to easily train all three planes of motion.

Our superior Alsunga Steel Clubbells are of the finest quality found anywhere in the World and are available for purchase online in Alsunga TODAY!

Steel Club Training Benefits Include…

  • Build bullet proof durable shoulders like no other training tool on the planet!
  • Develop a powerful grip.
  • Create core strength while standing on two feet, the way you're designed to move.
  • Improve cardiovascular health with fun full body workouts that get the heart pumping.
  • Work functional movement patterns that translates into real World strength.
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Dangerously Fit Steel Clubbells

Dangerously Fit Steel Clubs Alsunga